by T.A. Saunders ©1995 v1.5

Farwind Discs are a creation of the Quar’Vess magi of the city they are named after, Farwind. By means of a vocal command, these magic items will link one place to another and allow the user of the Disc to travel between those two permanent points. These points can be changed at any time, but not before actually standing on the very spot where the link is to be created.

To use the disc, one merely sets it or even tosses it to the ground and the portal will open. The disc itself is not lost in this process because it is the focus point for the portal’s existence, hence will exist at both points at once, while the portal exists then be retrievable from the end point when the portal closes.

Roughly the size of a half dollar, these discs are crafted from platinum with a single ruby set within the center, that is viewable from either side, but is as flat as the disc itself. Surrounding this flat-cut ruby are a series of sorcerous runes that grant the disc its power. Rare everywhere in Imarel except in Farwind itself, it’s unlikely the average person would have one of these, unless they knew a Quar’Vess or possibly a Shar’Vaire sorcerer that can make them.

The Farwind Disc also attunes to its user, meaning once a new disc is made and given to somebody, the person who first enacts its power will be the owner of that disc. They cannot be given away once given to another person, the disc will simply ‘blink’ back into the original person’s hand, or return to them if it is stolen. Conversely, this also means that other people cannot use a Farwind Disc attuned to another, but the attuned person can open a portal with their disc that other people can use.