Overview Edit

The god Meklah is unique amongst the Gods, in that his appearance is unknown. When he appears before mortals, he is nothing more than a silhouette of a male; a shadow blacker than the darkness he lurks in. Meklah is favored amongst the thieves, assassins and shadowmancers of Imarel as well as those who wish to keep their movements obfuscated. Because Meklah never fully reveals himself, it remains unknown if the god carries a weapon or carries with him some manner of relic to enforce his power. Those sparing few who have seen this god strike out upon an enemy have stated that he simply ‘envelops’ them, leaving nothing of their remains in his departure. Meklah is considered a neutral god whose designs for Imarel remain largely unknown; he has opposed both the Gods of Law and the Gods of Chaos on different occasions.

Legends of Meklah Edit

Meklah is a god that is old enough, and obscured enough by his sphere, that while there are legends of the god, most of the details have faded from memory. Often times, when asking a Seer or Prophet to tell a story of Meklah, they will simply smile wryly and tell a story that seems completely irrelevant. However, this is one story that seems to be repeated more often than not:

There was an old man who lived in D`Mir at the height of the Shar`Vaire's power. This was days before the beginning of the Rite that would attempt to bring Ysil into this world. Now, the old man was the only human in all of D`Mir, and largely, he was despised by the Shar`Vaire that lived there. The government had consigned him to a shack in the slums of the city which had no running water, no place to keep clothes nor food, was covered in cockroaches and rats, and was unthinkably disgusting.