Tashri Desert Edit

It has been five years since the conclusion of the Oruthun incident on Ishaela and Imarel’s watery moon begins the long road to recovery. Imarel once again has war on the horizon, this time far to the West, with an intense three-way conflict between Albadosia, the fierce Xosian-aligned Zissah of Vocor, and Taijun.

Meanwhile, across the waters in the Tashri Desert, investigation and archeological study begins on the edges of the Tashri Desert, encroaching on the Burning Lands.   Archeologists base their operations at the decadent Caravansary near Sasuu Oasis, northwest of the great city of Tashran.  However, bandit raiders led by the mysterious Yesmit Ahrum have begun assaulting the dig sites and striking the caravans carrying artifacts and research, though seem to have little interest in most of the valuables themselves that are being hauled from the digs.

In this period of rediscovery and expansion into harsh terrain, the call will always be there for scholars - and heroes to protect them - as they unearth lost secrets of the past...

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